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 +Little story about the Paterson A1 from John Harvey:
 +"Some things money cannot buy
 +Just a very plain old Patterson A 1. BUT
 +I was brought up in the 1940,s in Durham a mining family, two pitmen Tommy and Joe both on different shifts, So tin bath in front of the fire twice daily, and pit clothes hanging in front of the fire to dry ready for the next shift. I can still smell them.
 +Well both Tommy and Joe had allotments with old greenhouses,​ and Tommy “borrowed” two old lamps from The Rainton Meadows. In about 1940. The purpose of theses was to put in the greenhouse lit to keep out the frost. Well Tommy had worked in The Meadows all his life apart from a short five year holiday in The Royal Artillery WW1.
 +So after his death I recovered both lamps. The Patterson B7 I gave to my daughter, the AI stays by my fireplace. Money could not buy it."
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